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Since its creation in 2015, HORME supports its customers through qualitative approaches to understand what constitutes their strengths and weaknesses and to emerge marketing and business/commercial solutions that will enable them to act effectively in direct selling. Our work aims to find important answers to fundamental questions:

  • What are the beliefs of your sellers/consumers?
  • How would their expectations be perfectly satisfied by your offer?
  • What promises would they really be willing to subscribe?
  • For what development potential?
  • Which concepts to retain, adapt and in which direction?
  • In what degree of differentiation VS competition?


Our services

HORME assists you in defining your marketing strategy in Direct Selling and helps you translate it into concrete and planned actions:

  • Reflection around marketing and commercial business model
  • Reflection around Mix-product
  • Reflection around business plan
  • Design and adjustment of compensation plans (VDI proxy and buyer-reseller, sale by workshop and network sale)
  • Animation marketing plan (proposition of value, products and services offer attributes, sales cycles, promotional offers, differentiated offers)
  • Brand and offer scenarisation 
  • Projects budgeting
  • Incentive Program for consultants and clients/customers network
  • Host loyalty program
  • Design of communication tools for consultants network.

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Our offices are located in Paris but we operate in France and internationally.
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Nos bureaux se trouvent à Paris mais nous intervenons en France et à l'international.
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