Trainings dedicated to Direct Selling team Managers

Do you want to boost the motivation of your leaders?

Do you want to strengthen the confidence of your Leaders in their ability to retain and involve their teams?

Do you want to build your Leaders capability to create cohesion and a common spirit within their team?

Does your quality of team management need to be improved and streamlined?

Does your network need simple and effective techniques and management tools that allow duplication within teams?

We are listening to you.

Our team offers online training or during your Direct Selling team Management and leadership seminars. The items that we deal with regularly with Direct Selling companies are:

  • The role of Direct Selling Manager (or network marketing): from her/his vision of management to her/his missions
  • Develop leadership with teams, clients and candidates
  • The digital tool in the animation of Direct Selling teams

Contact us to know our rates.

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Do you want to boost your Direct Selling teams Managers? Choose our dedicated training!

Contact our team today, we will gladly answer your questions.
Our offices are located in Paris but we operate in France and internationally.
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Nos bureaux se trouvent à Paris mais nous intervenons en France et à l'international.
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We publish news about our customers and about Direct Selling.

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