Trainings for Managers and Founders

Running a Direct Sales business requires a global view of the sector and the competition, of all the company’s activities and of the management of relationships with the sales network. Direct Selling relies on complex principles and rules that are sometimes difficult for a new entrant/beginner to understand.

HORME offers a catalog of thematic trainings dedicated to the Managers and Leaders of Direct Selling companies. Communication, management of a direct sales network, marketing and sales strategy, change management, leadership, … are the essential themes of the training courses we have been running since 2015 aimed at:

  • Developing skills of the Manager of tomorrow, with a view to create sustainable value and company’s competitiveness.
  • Overlooking, understanding the world of Direct Selling in motion and decoding its environment
  • Opening up on new forms of organization, management and innovation in Direct Selling
  • Developing a strategic vision of your business to create meaning and to engage your teams
  • Finding and encouraging synergies and collaboration across the organization

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Our offices are located in Paris but we operate in France and internationally.
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Nos bureaux se trouvent à Paris mais nous intervenons en France et à l'international.
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