Digital communication & strategy

In Direct Selling, communication and especially digital communication can be a real asset.

However, for many companies, it also represents the challenge of mastering the communication tools available, and of knowing how to use them for the right audience: communicate on the product? on the business opportunity? both?

At HORMÉ, we know that a company who starts in Direct Selling must be able to recruit quickly its first distributors to establish a basic reputation and to gradually develop itself.

This is why we offer solutions to support your digital communication to help your distributors in recruitment strategy. 

  • Definition of the need and sought type profil
  • Proposition of an audience for a marketing campaign on social media
  • Validation of the budget and timeline of the campaign
  • Support for launching your campaign on your social media

The rates for the Digital Communication service are communicated upon request and are within the prices average on the market.

Need help to set up your digital communication strategy ?

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Our offices are located in Paris but we operate in France and internationally.
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Nos bureaux se trouvent à Paris mais nous intervenons en France et à l'international.
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We publish news about our customers and about Direct Selling.

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